Wooshi World Sells Out of 11,111 Unique NFTs

Friday 15 October, Montreal- This week marked the launch of Wooshi World’s public sale. After months of meticulous work on the NFT project, the Wooshi team has finally released their adorable animated companions into the metaverse. After selling a whopping 3,666 Wooshi during a 24 hour presale period, the team was eager to get their product to those excitedly awaiting the public sale. 

The Wooshi NFT project is currently sold out with plans moving into the next stage of the detailed roadmap. The Wooshi World team originally created 11,111 unique Wooshi to empower the community’s ability to access future utility of the Wooshiverse. Selling 3,666 Wooshi during presale alone is no small accomplishment. Luckily, the incredibly passionate Wooshi community of over 40,000 Discord members got their chance to purchase their very own 3D animated companion during the public sale. Selling out in such a short amount of time is a testament to the strength of the community. 

All Wooshi are 3D animated companions. These 3D creatures appear irresistibly cute, yet their mischievous nature is bound to shake things up. Wooshi is a species of tiny creatures native to the island of Gor. Although tiny and sweet in appearance, Wooshi are conniving at heart. The animation plays on a mesmerizing loop that never fails to dazzle and attract interest. Producing a project of this size is a significant achievement in the NFT space. The team never cut corners during the art development stage. It took over 4,000 hours to render the 3D Wooshi.   

Currently, there are over 4,600 unique owners. These unprecedented numbers pertaining to a new NFT project were made possible thanks to the devoted community who helped bring Wooshi to the forefront of culture.

Community engagement is the leading force of the project. These values are deeply entrenched in the founders’ goals. Sustaining and developing the Wooshi community is a vital aspect of this project. Cole Gurman, CEO of esports apparel company H4X is the Project Lead. As a partner to the Wooshi project, H4X plans to collaborate through the production of merch and physical products. H4X is already in talks to develop merchandise for various NFT projects. They know and understand the space well. 

H4X’s dedication to high-quality design and customer service has had a positive influence on the Wooshi project. The founders have a legacy in brand building. The Wooshi project will rely on this infrastructure to develop branded content across various channels. In other words, Wooshi is more than just an NFT. 

Speaking about Wooshi World, Creator Cole Gurman said: 

“Time and time again we’ve seen NFT projects neglect their communities as a means to increase profit. When Wooshi was conceived, one of the primary objectives was to focus on nurturing a community of passionate members. For this reason, we’ve been establishing a reliable means of communication with our community even prior to launch. Our hope is to never alienate any of our community members. The founders are here to optimize the entire Wooshi experience.” 

The project has been received with immediate support from both the loyal Wooshi community and NFT enthusiasts across the globe. Several community members have stated that they are primarily drawn to the display of high-quality art as opposed to the burgeoning NFT market. The emphasis on the design quality of the token will undoubtedly create a shift in the NFT market. Wooshi has effectively spearheaded the 3D animated NFT charge. The fact that the Wooshi NFT project has sold out in such a short amount of time is proof of this revolutionary concept. 

Several partners have already been announced as new members of the Wooshi family.

Those who have their finger on the pulse of the NFT industry have been quick to notice Wooshi World’s distinctive approach. As Wooshi evolves from best-kept secret to leading light, you can expect to see plenty of supporters champion the Wooshi cause. 

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