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On December 20th, Wooshi World held its first ever Metaverse Meetup & Scavenger Hunt in the popular Virtual Land & Metaverse Gaming Platform: Decentraland. Players & Wooshi Holders came to meet up and hang out with the Wooshi Team in the first ever Metaverse event where a massive Pink Wooshi Headquarters was built for Wooshi Holders to enjoy.

Players also participated in a scavenger hunt within the metaverse via a POAP machine that dropped exclusive digital merchandise for Wooshi Holders who attended the event.

On October 10th, Wooshi World took the NFT space by storm with an exclusive NFT pre-launch party hosted at Bazart NFT Gallery in Montreal. This event was the first of its kind in Montreal and showcased the growing presence of NFTs while showcasing a variety of different Wooshis.

Attendees were given exclusive Wooshie Plushies with some even receiving actual NFTs while enjoying Wooshi themed drinks and décor. The event also highlighted the Wooshi NFT launch for the following day and celebrated what would be a massive success.



Wooshi World Invasion took place on November 1st from 3:00PM to 8:00 PM EST during the massive annual NFT Meetup & Networking event known as NFT NYC at OS Studios Gaming Center. Wooshi NFT Owners were invited to come and meet the team as well as celebrate the success of completely selling out of the 11,111 wooshi nfts from our Minting date in the earlier weeks. 

Attendees played Fall Guys together, accompanied by the popular pro Fortnite Star & Streamer Liquid.Scoped who both played and streamed during the event on Wooshis behalf. Exclusive prizes and merch such as Limited Edition Wooshi Mouse Pads, Plushies, Hoodies, Hats & T-Shirts, as well as crypto prizes were among the prizes that early attendees and game winners received. Partnership & Collaboration Talks were held with Gary Vee, William Entriken & Brock Pierce regarding future collabs with Wooshi World.

Wooshi NFT holders were also given free drinks at the Bar, courtesy of Wooshi World as well as exclusive limited merch from both H4X and Cyber Athletics FW 21’ Collections. The Event was a massive success and the goal of creating a unique, exclusive and fun experience for holders was more than achieved!