For thousands of years, human beings have connected over games, inhabiting fictional worlds and identities together, with unlimited varieties of play.

Now, a revolution in digital ownership and online commerce is changing the way we play. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have made it possible to create virtual worlds where players can have true control over characters and items, unlocking limitless potential for innovation, from secondary marketplaces to gated experiences. For the first time in history, real value will change hands in games in the form of digital assets, with global marketplaces driving a nonstop virtual economy.

The boundaries between the so-called real world and the gaming world—also known as the metaverse—are beginning to blur.


H4X is proud to play a part in this revolution. Inspired by competitive gaming culture, we develop apparel and lifestyle products for anyone who wants to bring peak performance into all parts of their life. Our brand’s signature aesthetic ties together elements of the metaverse with the physical world, and is designed for those who live and play in both realms. In all of our products—from hoodies, pants and arm sleeves to peripherals like mousepads—we look to translate the ethos of cyber athletics to clothing and products that suit many different contexts.

Our iconic fabric is Etherknit, a superlight material with dreamlike qualities. With room to move and practical features to remove distractions, our unisex clothing frees the body and mind for increased relaxation and concentration. All of our clothing is developed entirely in the H4X L4B, from functional proprietary fabrics to the garment itself. We are constantly exploring new ways to add innovation to our products and services in order to deliver a more personalized experience to each customer.

A little bit about the history of the company: H4X’s parent company, Moniker, was founded in 2015, run by executives who collectively have more than 50 years of experience in the business of licensing and merchandising apparel, as well as 20 years of experience managing professional esports organizations. As a leading company in esports, we have generated more than $1 billion in revenue since our inception, and have negotiated more than 250 world-leading licensing agreements. Moniker’s comprehensive approach is built to empower its partners, enabling them to focus on their core business while we help to develop new paths to revenue for them. Services we offer include design, production, fulfillment, customer service, and product marketing.

Moniker itself is part of JCorp, a Canadian company with a long history in supplying apparel, accessories and other merchandise. Founded more than 60 years ago, JCorp’s emphasis is on branding, licensing and production of apparel and merchandise for children, men and women, as well as private labeling, including celebrity-endorsed products. We have developed merchandise for some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Star Wars, Disney, Sega, Sprite, Marvel, Coca-Cola, Jurassic Park and Major League Baseball.

WEB 3.0

​​​​For the last several years, members of H4X and JCorp saw a shift from the base layer of the internet to Web 3.0. The head of our blockchain division identified how our business should incorporate crypto as a fiduciary responsibility to ensure our assets are secure in case of economic despair, and to follow our company values of being early adopters in emerging markets. When we saw the growth of NFTs, we were enamored by the endless possibilities of a new asset class that surrounds all of our main lines of business, such as licensing, gaming and fashion. It ultimately became clear that we should leverage seven decades of our intellectual capital and experience and pedigree into expanding our business streams towards this new asset class.


Wooshi is our contribution to these changes in how we play. Wooshi represents a bridge between our world and the metaverse. The hero of the Wooshi universe is a creature who comes to this world to enlist support for his struggle on the island of Gor. He searches for help among the gamers who form the basis of the H4X community. In doing so, he connects the world of gaming and professional esports with the world of NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, composable ecosystems and an infinite number of applications that have yet to be discovered.

Wooshi is more than just a collector’s item. Our ultimate goal is to enable a community of builders and players around the Wooshi ecosystem, generating value in the most decentralized way possible.

We believe the only way to create real, long-term value is to lower the barriers to entry and give power to the players. To that end, this project is as community driven as it can be. We will implement voting systems for certain integrations to the character’s lore or utility concepts based on the community’s desires.
One of our priorities is building a play-to-earn game around Wooshi. We became fascinated with the play-to-earn gaming model because it provides our users with the ability to monetize their energy playing the game. We also see this concept as a way to empower people in underprivileged countries who have lower incomes. Axie Infinity is a good example of economic empowerment through gaming, giving individuals around the globe a way to make more money playing a video game than to participate in their local working economy.
We believe Axie Infinity is just the first of many such ecosystems. By implementing play-to-earn with our forthcoming game, we will be able to generate value for our NFTs through their unique metadata encoded on the smart contracts—meaning each NFT will have its own unique set of features and abilities in the game of the Wooshi World metaverse.
We also like the concept of including a crypto token attached to this project because we want to be able to incentivize our community for engaging in what we’re building. The token will be used as a medium of exchange to reward our community through engagement. We like to refer to our token as a social token. The token will also be used to incentivize people for participating in our play-to-earn game.
We want to make consumer products for our community and give them out on an exclusive basis to people who own our NFTs. H4X’s long history in producing merchandise for iconic brands will allow us to streamline the creation of this merchandise and distribute it for maximum impact. The real-world distribution of Wooshi items will drive interest in the ecosystem we are building together.

Down the line, we plan on introducing a land product to further incentivize our NFT holders. We intend to make this feature exclusive to NFT holders and provide community rewards for owners. We also plan to incorporate our crypto token into this process for additional incentives.
We intend to give back to our community through reinvestment of the proceeds from royalties, including repurchasing some of our collections and giving those NFTs out as community rewards. We will be taking a percentage of our secondary sales every month into repurchasing other NFT projects that our community will vote upon to build our treasury. While we are building our own community within the NFT space, we want the NFT and crypto community to know that we are doing this to make the industry a better place and give back to the community that made all this happen.
We hope you will join us on our mission to democratize the gaming universe and unite players around a goal of generating value for all. Join the Wooshi.World discord and follow our socials (@WooshiWorld) to get updates on Wooshi.World.

-The Wooshi team